Construction of houses and buildings from foundations to completed projects.


Repair / insulation, plastering and painting of the end walls and plinth part of the building


In cooperation with building managers, we perform maintenance and improvement of buildings.

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  • Equipment and inventory rental             
  • Price list of inert materials
  • Equipment and inventory rental terms / warranty
Equipment and inventory rental             

Rental cost prices are indicated without VAT, as well as equipment delivery costs are calculated Within the borders of Liepaja. For delivery outside the border of Liepaja for every kilometer is present calculated 1.00 Eur + VAT

Truck 4×4 with bridge blocks tipper with Greif bucket,

(crane 4.5t boom 9.5) – Rent + road including h.

27 Eur

Trailer 1.5 t with cargo box Tilt (l = 3.45 x s = 1.5 x h = 1.8) rent 24 h.

25 Eur

Komatsu WB97S universal tractor + road including h.

29 Eur

Tractor equipment with forks Cargo – material unloading pcs.

115 Eur

Large Vibroplate with rev. (332. kg) Rent + (Delivery 35 Eur) 24 h.

30 Eur

Small Vibroplate (95 kg.) Rent + (Delivery 15 Eur) 24 h.

20 Eur

HILTI Laser rental including ruler tripod and beep 24 h.

70 Eur

Asphalt and concrete cutter (push with water supply) Rent + (Disc 1mm = 7 Eur) 24 h.

30 Eur

PARQUET sanding Rent 24 h.

15 Eur +

15 Eur Delivery

DEWALT Tile cutter For large tiles (0.60m) Rent 24 h.

15 Eur +

15 Eur Delivery


Rental (10.bar-120l / m) weight: 16 kg 24 h.

12 Eur

Aluminum tower with wheels (0.60 * 2.00 * 4.00) Under the feet 4m (Dividable into 2 parts 2m and 2m). One part 24 h.

12 Eur


Rent: 30 calendar days 1 m2 = 1.65 Eur +(Delivery with loading and unloading 50Eur)

+ (Collection with loading 50 Eur)

HILTI medium with dryer set perforator 1100W Rent 24 h.

18 Eur

MAKITA – split with dryer set. Rent 24 h.

22 Eur

Price list of inert materials


Equipment and inventory rental terms / warranty

Pricing policy and warranty regulations

All prices for equipment rental are shown, calculating the maximum daily usage time – 8 hours. Upon request, we provide delivery of rented equipment and devices for a fee.

The start of the rental period is the time when the equipment is issued or delivered accordingly, and ends when it is returned to our warehouse or at the agreed delivery place. Material damages caused during the lease to a third party while operating the lease equipment shall be covered in full by the lessee. In case of theft or damage to the equipment, the lessee shall pay the lessor in full at the price set by the lessor. The Lessee is materially liable for any damage or loss of the leased machinery / equipment caused by the Lessee's fault, except for the natural wear and tear of the equipment.

The machine / equipment will be supplied with fuel on request. The equipment is handed over to the lessee in good general technical condition. The lessee undertakes to return the machinery / equipment to the lessor clean and in all respects in the same condition as it was received after the end of the lease term. We will charge for cleaning and washing for dirty, soiled machinery / equipment returned to the lessor.

We reserve the right to supply you with equipment / equipment from other manufacturers with the appropriate capacity if the specified equipment is not available.